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Bula FM Events

    • Bulafm Na Waqe Show
    • Time: 1pm-2pm
    • Join Apenisa Rakanace on Wednesday for Na Waqe program which will be aired live on Bulafm studio. You can watch the pre-recorded show on Friday night on Fbc tv!
    • Fiji Election 2014
    • Date: 17th September
    • Remember that your vote counts!
    • Bulafm Dredre Mada Show
    • Time: 3pm-5pm
    • Enjoy the laughter show and funny jokes with Delai on Lutu na Yakavi. Lots of fun and great music for you while driving back home after work and school.Don’t miss the fun!
    • Bulafm Facebook Link
    • Join us with all our Fbc and Bulafm events on our facebook link: All you have to do is enter this Link and “Likes” the page. Watch our latest pictures of events,on air shows, program and news update.!

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