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    • Matakavou
    • 5.45am-10am, Mon-Fri
    • Hosted By:Apenisa Rakanace & Vilivo Vakatalebola,Koli
    • Matakavou is boosting hit music and entertainment.It allows you to have good laugh in the morning and gears you up for a new day before you hit the road to work on your daily chores especially 7am-8am with Mr Lopo.
    • Vakatara
    • 10am-3pm, Mon-Fri
    • Hosted By:Maca Marama
    • Vakatara is targeting young couples & work places with home remedies & nomu bula vinaka. Enjoy the show with your favorite hit music and fresh new voice.
    • Lali-Ni-Yakavi
    • 3pm-7pm, Mon-Fri,hosted by Watisoni Delaitubuna
    • The program is targeting music lovers as we get closer to the end of the day with lots of dedication and good music.We have top 5 which showcases the top 5 songs of the day.
    • Yadra Bogi
    • 7pm-12am Mon-Fri
    • Hosted By: Penaia Rainima
    • This show mellows things down with great music for people gathered around the grog bowl,drivers,fishermen out at sea. The show have a popular segment filled of gaunadivi hits.
    • Gauna Ni Volivoli
    • 6am-12pm
    • Hosted By:Sakiusa Naivua
    • Gauna ni volivoli is a show not to be missed every Saturday morning because of best hit songs and while listening, enjoy every voice bits from our local market talking about varieties ofr fruits & veggies for the weeekend.
    • Mai Na Veirara Ni Qito
    • 12pm-6pm, Sat
    • Hosted By: Inise Nuku
    • Its all about sports report and live commentaries from various sports field and it also aired the Total Rugby show from IRB.
    • Lali Ni Bogi
    • 6pm-12am, Sat
    • Hosted By:Timoci Tikoirotuma
    • This is a party time show with Rups Big Bear featuring best party music and live chat with Dj Jim. Listen to your favorite music while enjoying your weekend.
    • Vuka Bogi
    • 12am-6am, Sat-Sun
    • Hosted By:Litiana Vererusa & Marika Bati
    • The show is about music and listeners interaction while nigth workers are still working and also the grog lovers. The music is baout them and also live streaming listeners.
    • Vakacacabo
    • 6am-12pm, Sun
    • Hosted By:Sakiusa Naivua
    • Gauna ni Vakacacabo is about playing the best worships songs and also not to miss your favorite Top 20 gospel songs before mid-day.