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Vakatara Show

  • Mon – Fri
  • 10am-3pm

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Na Gauna ni Veikacivi

  • Mon – Fri
  • 1pm-4pm
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    • Matakavou
    • 5.45am-10am, Mon-Fri
    • Hosted By: Watisoni Delaitubuna & Vilivo Vakatalebola
    • Matakavou is boosting hit music and entertainment.It allows you to have good laugh in the morning and gears you up for a new day before you hit the road to work on your daily chores.The show is very popular with its chinese character Lopo from 7am-8am.
    • Vakatara
    • 10am-12pm, Mon-Fri
    • Hosted By: Inise Nuku
    • Vakatara is targeting young couples & work places with home remedies & nomu bula vinaka. Enjoy the show with your favorite hit music and fresh new voice.
    • Veikacivi
    • 12m-3pm, Mon-Fri
    • Hosted By: Emosi Donu
    • The show is about Veikacivi and is hosted by Emosi Donu. It is also about healthy remedies by Dr Moss. This is the show that gauges listeners listening through livestreaming and listeners enjoying their lunch time.
    • Lali-Ni-Yakavi
    • 3pm-7pm, Mon-Fri,hosted by Penaia Rainima & co-host from 3pm-5pm by Inise Nuku
    • The program is targeting music lovers as we get closer to the end of the day with lots of dedication and good music.We have top 5 which showcases the top 5 songs of the day.
    • Yadra Bogi
    • 7pm-12am Mon-Fri
    • Hosted By: Maca Marama
    • This show mellows things down with great music for people gathered around the grog bowl,drivers,fishermen out at sea and lonely hearts. We have a popular segment filled of sigidrigi.
    • Mai Na Veirara Ni Qito
    • 12pm-6pm, Sat
    • Hosted By: Inise Nuku
    • Its all about sports report and live commentaries from various sports field and it also aired the Total Rugby show from IRB.